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Hotel Vila Terrasse
Smaragdová 21A
040 11 Košice
Slovensko, EU
+421 948 427 541
48° 42' 59.0554105" N
21° 13' 23.6121368" E

Train station N71 72 71 17

In front of the station take a bus n.17, Lunik VIII direction and get off at the Hronská stop, next orientate according to the map.

After the exit of the station, go to the park towards the city center. For park access bridge over the road and then turn left. After about 100 meters you come to a stop. Wait for the bus / trolleybus no. 71 (direction KVP Kláštor) or No. 72 (direction Grunt), or at night on the night bus N71 (direction KVP Kláštor). Get off at the Diamond and go to the last section of the road to the map.


Odporúčame stiahnuť si aplikáciu Bolt pomocou ktorej si viete objednať taxík, alebo vyhľadať elektrickú kolobežku.

Košice Airport 23

From the airport the bus n. 23 transports you to the bus and railway station in the city center, and is guided by the instructions which you can find below.